Deposit and Withdrawal Procedure

Deposit and Withdrawal Procedure

To Securely withdraw your assets, you need to complete the steps below

  1. (1) Create an “Asset password”
  2. (2) Use your email or phone number for verification
  3. (3) Enable the Two Factor Authentication
  4. (4) Complete the Identity Verification LV.2
Withdrawal Process
  • Withdrawal Request

  • Asset Password

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Identity
    Verification LV.2

  • Withdrawal Address/Amount

Created in the first
withdrawal request

- You will need to create an "Asset Password" during your first withdrawal.

- The "Asset Password" should be different from your Login Password (the password you use for logging in to Wisebitcoin).

- The Asset Password is created after entering an authentication code that was sent to your email/mobile phone for verification.

For the security of your assets, withdrawal will be disabled for 24 hours from changing your password.


- Google OTP or mobile phone authentication is needed for extra security.

- After setting up Asset Password and Two factor authentication, your account is ready for withdrawals.


- Enter the correct information of your uploaded ID.


- Please click Advanced Verification.


- Upload an image of the front page of your valid ID.

- Please upload a photo of yourself holding the front page of your uploaded ID with a note

The handwritten note must include the information below:
* “Wisebitcoin”
* Your full name
The current date (in the format YYYY-MM-DD)


- Please enter your wallet address for withdrawals

- After enter the amount of withdrawal and check the fee, then click the withdrawal button to complete the withdrawal request.

-The minimum withdrawal amount and the fees are different by each coin.