Crytocurrency margin trading is gaining popularity where the traders (individuals and institutions alike) can trade virtually anywhere and anytime 24/7 without the friction.

What’s margin trading?

Cryptocurrency margin trading is designed to take advantage of fluctuations in both bull and bear markets.
Unlike other exchanges where you can only profit from buy and sell, margin trading allows for long/short positions.

At Wisebitcoin, you can make profits by taking positions in either direction just like in the derivatives market. With the flexibility to take long or short positions, margin traders can take advantage of their views on market volatility.

What’s margin requirement?

Margin requirement is the amount of money needed to be able to trade on leverage. Margin and leverage are concepts that go hand-in-hand in Cryptocurrency trading. Margin is expressed as the percentage of position size (e.g. 10% or 10:1 leverage). On a 10% margin requirement, for instance, if one Bitcoin is priced at $10,000, you will only need to deposit $1,000 for one contract of Bitcoin position.

What’s margin call?

Margin calls are issued when there is not enough equity in the account to meet the minimum margin requirements.

Wisebitcoin issues margin call at 120% equity/margin ratio and positions will be automatically closed out when the ratio reaches 100% (stop out). You can check the margin ratio real time on MT5.


Maximum open trading volume varies by each coin instruments.

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