Spring Giveaway Event[END]



Promotion Benefits

Get credit for net BTC/ETH/USDT/XRP/XEM deposits during the event


Net Deposit(USDT)        Credit       
>500 $20
>2,500 $75
>5,000 $125
>25,000 $400
>75,000 $600
>100,000 $800
>150,000 $1,000

*Net Deposit = Total deposit – Total withdrawal (Based on USDT) 


Promotion Period - 2021 Mar 8th 00: 00 (UTC) ~ 2021 Mar 31st 23: 59 (UTC)

Promotion Rule

• This promotion will be held from 2021. 03. 03 00:00 (UTC) to 2021. 03. 31 23:59 (UTC).  Credits will be paid to any user with net positive BTC/ETH/USDT/XRP/XEM deposits within the promotion period.

• This promotion includes BTC/ETH/USDT/XRP/XEM deposit, and other coins are not included. 

• The deposit and Withdrawal USDT price of BTC/ETH/USDT/XRP/XEM price is based on closing price of March 7th.

• Existing coins at WISEBITCOIN accounts are not eligible for the bonus.

• Credits are not included in net deposits.

• Credits will be paid after calculating the net deposit amount after the promotion period.

• Promotion benefits will be paid in USDT, and will be paid to WISEBITCOIN’s USDT wallet within 7 business days from the promotion end date.

• You must have WISEBITCOIN USDT wallet in order to receive the credit

• All credits are valid until the end of the month, and any remaining credits will be recovered at the expiration date.



• Abusive use of promotion such as creating multiple accounts during the event may result in disqualification.

• In case of any unusual activities involving deposits and withdrawals, WISEBITCOIN may freeze the account during the investigation.

• All promotion participants must comply with the WISEBITCOIN terms and conditions.

• WISEBITCOIN reserves the right to modify the regulations of this promotion without prior notice.

• If you have any questions about the promotion, please contact to