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WISEBITCOIN Will Support Ethereum London Hard Fork Upgrade



Ethereum’s long-awaited “London” hard fork is expected to commence at around 19:55 am on Aug. 5 (UTC+8), with block 12,965,000.

The London hard fork may generate a new forked coin. WISEBITCOIN will support the upgrade with the following arrangements:

I.For Deposits and Withdrawals:
WISEBITCOIN has suspended the deposits & withdrawals on the ERC20 chain and withdrawals of ETH-HECO and ETH-BEP20, and will suspend the deposits & withdrawals of ETH-ERC20 and other ERC-20 based tokens on Aug. 5 at 18:00 (UTC+8).  Please allow yourself sufficient time to accomplish your deposits and withdrawals before the suspension, and WISEBITCOIN will assist with the technical issues that happened during the hard fork.

II. About ETH Hard Fork
1.No forked coin after the hard fork: WISEBITCOIN will resume deposits & withdrawals of ETH and ERC 20-based tokens, after confirming the stability and security of the ETH mainnet. The resumption time will be shown in a further announcement.
2.New forked coin after the hard fork: if new forked coin reached the listing standard, WISEBITCOIN will distribute ETH tokens on the chain at a certain ratio to users. We will take a snapshot of users’ ETH holdings at the block height of 12,965,000, and distribute holding rewards to users proportionally based on the snapshot data. The holding rewards will be sent to the user’s wallet account. Users will be notified via a further announcement after the completion of the distribution.

Please Note:
The snapshot might be postponed, during the following situations that your assets might not be included in the snapshot data if
a: your ETH sell orders have been filled,
b: the deposits haven’t been credited,
c: the ETH withdrawals have been completed.
Please allow yourself sufficient time to accomplish your deposits and withdrawals during the snapshot period.

III. About Spot trading and margin trading of ETH and related assets:
The assets of ETH and ERC20-based tokens and their spot trading, contract,ETF will not be affected during the hard fork. As the hard fork may come with dramatic price fluctuations, please make prudent, informed decisions based on your own risk appetite.

1.The ETH assets in Spot Account, contract account and sub-account will be counted into the parent account. The rewards will be distributed based on the holdings snapshotted in the parent account.
2.The hard fork is expected to commence at block 12,965,000, and the time in this announcement is for references only, which might be changed according to the BP speed.

Please check for details: