TriumphX Releases White Paper 2.0 To Present Strategies To Focus On Strengthening The NFT Business

Source: CoinNess 2021-06-09 07:53

TriumphX has released version 2.0 of the whitepaper. The whitepaper contains a strategy to strengthen business concentration in order to achieve more realistic results in the NFT market. As the NFT business area was diversified, an NFT professional technical team was formed as replacement of the game developer group. Then, a professional agent for managing NFT publishers is joined, and the marketing manpower for active public relations was strengthened. And also, influencers in the art field has joined as new advisors. An official from TriumphX said, "The newly reinforced professional workforce and advisors will be the stepping stone for the project, we will continue to recruit experts from all walks of life." Triumph X was launched last year as a blockchain-based NFT platform project for game item trading and is currently actively supporting quality NFT issuance and inter-individual transactions by diversifying its business scope into art, sports, and entertainment.