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Wisebitcoin 2021-04-06

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Trading is perhaps the most popular way to make money in cryptocurrency markets. To be successful, however,  it is necessary to find trading tools that fit your needs.  In this post, we will discuss a few technical analysis tools for professionals who deal in crypto that will transform the way you interact with the markets. All you need is sufficient funds and a crypto wallet.

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Wisebitcoin is a cryptocurrency exchange cloud service that is known to provide liquidity to cryptocurrency exchanges. It anchors around 280 cryptocurrency exchanges across the world. You get a user-friendly platform where crypto traders from all around the world can trade in various venues right from spot to future. Wisebitcoin deals in 50 cryptocurrencies for the spot trading exchange that include USDT, BTC, and ETH.

Other features include:

  • Wisebitcoin has an intuitive user interface, which caters to beginners and experts and offers trading techniques such as program trading via API.
  • It offers technical indicators and a customizable trading scripts functionality that can create customized reports to run a portfolio trading business.
  • It also has a demo account, which allows traders to test their strategies
  • The trading tool offers multi-language support for the global community to facilitate fast and secure execution.
  • You get a crypto wallet to keep track of your transactions through which you can check balance, deposit funds, and withdraw funds.
  • Wisebitcoin also offers an affiliate partnership program with the highest commission for affiliates. Here new affiliates will automatically be upgraded during the promotions to VIP partner level, where they get double trading commission up to 500USDT.



Coinigy is a cryptocurrency portfolio management suite that manages your wallets and exchanges across all devices automatically. Here you will get a dedicated group of developers, traders, and analysts who aim to empower people through tools and educate them about the crypto market and blockchain.

Other features of Coinigy include:

  • Coinigy offers access to more than 45 exchanges along with real-time updates about pricing data, full-featured spot trading, Arbitrage Matrix, and portfolio management/aggregation tools.
  • Here you will get SMS & email price and trade alerts that help you monitor all your exchanges and wallets, making it an anti-theft device for crypto.
  • You don’t have to pay an additional exchange fee while trading other than the subscription fee you pay to sign up after your trial period is over.
  • It offers extensive charting tools and real-time market data that gives you crucial insights into the market.



TradingView is another technical analysis tool that deals in 500+ stock exchanges and facilitates smooth trading in the crypto market. With the latest advancements in cloud computing technology, it aims to make trading accessible to everyone. Using the range of competitive tools at TradingView, you can find trading ideas, spot trends, chat with the community of traders, and follow your favorite assets.

Other features of TradingView include:

  • At TradingView, you get financial data on the charts, advanced price scaling, extended trading hours, compare symbols, interactive earnings, splits, and patterns to analyze the market’s complex price patterns.
  • It offers pre-built studies, 50+ intelligent design tools, candlestick pattern recognition, auto fib retracement, volume profile indicators, and multi-timeframe analysis.
  • You get unmissable alerts for 12 different alert conditions for any type of market situation that include alerts for indicators, strategies, drawings, and all notifications such as PUSH and webhooks.
  • The tool covers both fundamental and technical analysis, where you get to know which cryptocurrencies are performing the best in a month. You can work your way through charts or on a separate page to find crypto and currency pairs.



NinjaTrader is a tool that offers a trading environment best for trading systems such as Equitas, forex, and futures. You can build, test, and simulate different systems before making the final investment. Considering your predefined conditions, it can monitor hundreds of markets to rank, scan, and sort aimed to uncover great trading opportunities.

It offers great features, some of them include:

  • At NinjaTrader, you get advanced charting, backtesting, and trade simulation to visualize the market.
  • Based on the analysis, it offers trigger custom notifications, social media sharing, and orders.
  • If you want to test new concepts, simulated trading helps you do that. The high-performance backtesting engine helps simulate automated trading strategies after analyzing the past performance.
  • It also offers third-party trading indicators and apps to fine-tune your analysis, expand opportunities in the crypto market, and create a setup to meet the requirements.

Above were the best technical analysis tools for the traders. If you are one, put your trading skills to the test with Wisebitcoin. Compete with thousands of traders and make your way to the top!

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