Now You Can Pay Rent in BTC

Wisebitcoin 2021-05-31

The realm of digital currency has seen a skyrocketed growth in the past decade. According to the studies, cryptocurrency - an asset for virtual exchanges - is predicted to gain a market size of a whopping $5,190.62 million by the year 2026. This booming of blockchain technology has resulted in achieving a significant buzz, leading the way to a more tech-savvy and crypto-friendly future. 

Bitcoin, the first-ever online currency launched, has gigantically thrived in advancing the megacorporations even further while burgeoning in the current financial system. Backed by the excellent support from leading giants— JPMorgan and PayPal, Bitcoin is on its way to secure a firm position in the bull market. Various work sectors, including automobiles and banking, have shown substantial inclination towards the adoption of this digital currency. The most recent being the real estate domain. 

BTC has successfully attracted magnates from the real estate industry and now aims to entirely transform the domain in the coming times. Real estate companies have also thrown open the gates to welcome this virtual money. 

Let’s dive into the real estate magnates’ latest offerings around BTC and its impact on the market.


BTC in the Real Estate Sector

The entire real estate industry has gained confidence in the asset class after Rick Caruso’s decision to accept bitcoin from the tenants. The billionaire owns 2.5 million square feet of property assets that now BTC rent payments for residential and retail stores. This points to the future of real estate, as more decision-makers choose to adopt Bitcoin. 

The introduction of Bitcoin to the real estate industry will also offer a better alternative in view of the current financial market. The blockchain market size is predicted to rise at a CAGR rate of 67.3% by 2025, reaching a valuation of over $39.7 billion. These reports suggest the industries make the necessary setups for including cryptocurrencies in their financial distributions. Such inclusions would drive the crypto market, with all businesses having integrated blockchain technologies. 


How are the Market Dynamics Going to Change?

The real estate industry stands to be the backbone of all advancements, albeit speculatively. With Bitcoins flowing into the market, all the related industries are certain to witness a compelling impact. 

Rick Caruso’s grand resolution has added fuel to the fire of cryptocurrency. This resulting Bitcoin penetration into the market would surely be a gamechanger for all industries, big or small. 

There has been a flip side to this change as well. Some researchers have also argued a dubious future of Bitcoin in the near future, reasoning to its sudden price surge, which might lead to monetary inflation. However, experts have convincingly stated their studies of the long bull cycles, reaffirming how Bitcoin is here to stay. 

The flourishing growth trends of Bitcoin in the real estate sectors are reasoned to:

  • The youth getting involved in the blockchain market and willing to invest in the coins through their owned real estate firms
  • Tremendous consumer rewards drawn by Bitcoin transitions to claim additional services or benefits
  • Convenience for traders to easily manage their decentralized money without the intervention of any government authorities

Overall, cryptocurrency transactions are transparent and safe, enabling users to use them as a convenient medium of exchange. The worldwide acceptance of Bitcoins is expected to make online purchases and rentals— a seamless experience. The future is expected to center around crypto and change the traditional dynamics, all at once. 

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