New Listings and Platform Adjustments

Wisebitcoin 2021-10-10

new listings and platform update announcements

Wisebitcoin continues to be the most convenient and fully-featured trading platform for cryptocurrency traders and investors. We’re part of an ecosystem of global cryptocurrency exchanges that allows us to provide deep liquidity, fast transactions, and enterprise-grade security to all of our users. 

During Q3 2021, we’ve reached important milestones and shared new developments that have helped us expand our services. These have included everything from appealing new listings to growth initiatives that continue to place us as the Number One exchange for professional traders. Here are a few highlights.

Starting in July, the platform added the native token for popular crypto debit card service Swap to its offerings.  SXP/USDT was listed as an aggregate trading pair. This means that when users wish to buy or sell the asset the exchange automatically places the order on other exchanges simultaneously, guaranteeing that users have full access to any opportunity. We also announced support for Bitcoin Cash’s upgrade to eCash and a swap from BCHA to XEC.

August saw the launch of DeFi STOA’s STA with a 10,000 USDT airdrop on the platform. We also finalized the XEC/USDT pair and listed hot assets such as Chiliz’s CHZ/USDT, Chia’s XCH/USDT, Arowana’s ARW/USDT, as well as the MATIC/USDT listing of Polygon’s highly-demanded token for aggregate trading. Another important announcement was Wisebitcoin’s support for Ethereum’s anticipated London hard fork which launched at the beginning of the month.

Finally, September brought the listing of PancakeSwap’s highly popular CAKE/USDT pair for aggregate trading as well as important developments to the platform’s services. We launched the new tiered VIP fee structure program where users can benefit from taker fees as low as 0.025% for monthly volumes of 3,000 BTC in spot trading. We also adjusted the maker fee from 0.07% to 0.02%. The promotion for the program allowed traders from competing platforms to access a VIP tier higher than their usual volume for a period of three months.

About Wisebitcoin

Wisebitcoin comes with a wide range of benefits that meet the needs of both futures as well as mainstream traders. With a user-friendly interface and native mobile apps, as well as 24/7 customer support, live phone assistance, access to a user-base of over 15 million users and 280 global merchants, 100X leverage on contract trading, and 2.3 million+ transactions per second for single trading pairs, Wisebitcoin is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency trading and exchange spaces. An insurance fund for asset protection provides users with the peace and security needed to trade with confidence, and the platform's marketing promotions, liquidity, affiliate commissions, and growing user base ensure deep liquidity for the platform’s many trading pairs.

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