The Importance of the Asian Crypto Market

Wisebitcoin 2021-04-12

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With the current dynamics of cryptocurrency around the world, there has been a gradual shift in the way online-money is perceived. Expanding exponentially on a global level, the crypto market has opened new doors to generating enhanced trading systems. With close to 154 countries adopting and implementing this new-age tech, there has been an introduction of a stable asset for catering to the people and industries’ needs.

There have been various offerings with the usage of cryptocurrency in place, be it with the unbanked population getting a reliable alternative for trading, investors fetching better exchanges by evolving startups, or having a secure and transparent mode of financial processes by the blockchain technology. There have been many new alternatives for the coin coming up alongside the already established Bitcoin and Ethereum that have facilitated smoother processes. These varieties of altcoins have assisted in leveraging complete independence from the set institutions, offering a chance to have your tradings your way!


Asia’s Unparalleled Growth in the Crypto Industry

A significant amount of transactions in cryptocurrency were seen between 2019 and 2020 targeted in East Asia. Containing over half the world’s hash rate, Asia stands pivotal in transforming the face of technology forever.

Also called the crypto mining hub globally, Asia has expanded the implementation of the currency in various trading spheres and brought the coin to life. Diversifying the areas where cryptocurrency is functional, Asian countries have let the exploration domains wide open. Markets are gradually transitioning to blockchain technology and have thus attracted a large group of audience. Significant developments and innovations are being seen in the stellar ways of asset utilization. With the cryptocurrency coming in place, it has also served to open a new source of generating passive income. 

Utility Tokens over platforms: The widespread awareness is evident as the Asian market is more focussed on altcoin and utility token insurance. There’s a much younger investment culture in Asia interested in actively trading than the Western approach to buying and holding (or HODLing). 

Mobile-first and digital adoption: As the Asian mobile-first region is comfortable with driving their everyday lives on their phones, the opportunity for cryptocurrency is huge with the digital technology of this kind. 

Unbanked opportunities: For the unbanked population, cryptocurrency has become a new source of income. People who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 are seeking new income streams via a Play to Earn Dapp on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Large crypto exchanges: Asian exchanges are trading at a frequency of four times higher than North American exchanges, despite Japan's conservative exchange regulations and China's C2C trading. 


Misconceptions Still Abound

In spite of crypto's development, there are still misguided judgments about the Asian market, the major issues being speculative investments and fake companies. While crypto has seen its fair share of exit scams and volatile trading, most organizations giving these coins and tokens are generally genuine projects with huge dreams. 

Wisebitcoin is one such exchange that has introduced professional traders to unparalleled features. The Asian exchange focuses on providing traders with round-the-clock support along with key benefits for them to leverage the platform to its fullest. Wisebitcoin's exceptional features include 100x leverage on contract trading, an insurance fund to protect crypto assets, and access to an integrated cloud service with the liquidity of over 280 other exchanges.


Wisebitcoin’s Promise 

Asset Custody and Clearing Technology
The distributed asset custody and settlement technology make the platform secure and transparent through the consensus mechanism of transaction data upload, hot and cold wallet separation, multi-signature, and member node clearing to achieve the goal of asset security and transaction credibility. 

High Performance and Transaction Processing Technology
High performance, combined with the specially designed distributed transaction processing technology, is the second highlight. Wisebitcoin’s physical fragmentation makes real-time transactions and consistency in a distributed environment easier. If a specific node fails, the system’s operation is unaffected, which lays a strong ground for a massive user base.

Deep Liquidity
Wisebitcoin’s diversified liquidity allows exchange partners to share liquidity, access the depth of popular exchanges, and quickly combine orders. This feature ensures that partners have sufficient depth and liquidity.

With the implementation of these cutting-edge solutions, Wisebitcoin is set to lead crypto trading for professionals. The exchange has developed similar vital systems after its cloud connection upgrades. These include perpetual trading for USDT swaps and coin swaps in the futures exchange and many more features. These innovative features for asset protection distinguish Wisebitcoin from other cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. 


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