Five crypto-friendly worldwide capitals

Vladlena Martus 2022-08-17

Five crypto-friendly worldwide capitals

We at WIsebitcoin believe in the fact that cryptocurrencies are the future. Regardless of what stage of using cryptocurrency you are in now, it will overtake you anyway. And this is not a threat, but only our shared future.

We recently talked about the drop of Bitcoin and its history in general. In that article, we also mentioned that the crypto winter is a temporary factor. Therefore, despite the position of Bitcoin and other coins nowadays, the cryptocurrency will still find its way to the top.

The last couple of years has shown us that cryptocurrency is becoming more and more popular. Countries and governments are trying to legalize it, brands are trying to use it as a promotion, and ordinary people are trying to get rich.

Now cryptocurrency is almost an everyday story. You can pay for a coffee, support your favorite streamer, or donate to a charity.

For those often referred to as digital nomads, cryptocurrency has become a beacon in a dark realm. It opens up opportunities for them to move, pay for housing, and receive a salary. Those cities adapted to modern realities can boast attractiveness among the middle class and excellent professionals.

Let's look at five countries boldly stepping into the future with the digital revolution!

Be careful. Cryptocurrencies may be at risk. All information on the site is for informational purposes only and does not contain anything other than exciting facts and recommendations. Try to minimize risks. Trade funds that you are ready to lose without problems.


Slovenia has great perspectives in the cryptocurrency field. Thus, it is even called the leading country in cryptocurrency adoption. Let's see why!

There are over 300 outlets that accept Bitcoin as payment only in Ljubljana! Almost everything you need you can find in Bitcoin City or BTC City – a shopping center that accepts crypto. You can spend your BTC in the shopping centers, grocery stores, traveling and tourism centers, hotels, casinos, cinemas, and waterparks! However, the mall is also a large business and recreational center. The long-term intention consists of the 500 vendors simultaneously accepting cryptocurrency payments. In addition, there was the Elly payment system implementation in the vendors. The Elly system is a modern digital payment platform that accepts alternative payment methods. Such as a cryptocurrency, of course, too.

BTC City shopping center in Ljubljana

This is a massive sign for the new way of using cryptocurrency as a usual daily process. Bitcoin is Slovenia's central hub and the first port of call for residents and those who wish to spend their crypto in some fascinating way and place. 

Another giant step is establishing the headquarters of one of the most popular crypto exchanges, Bitstamp, right in Ljubljana. 

There is only one thing to worry about if you plan to stay in Slovenia for a long time. The laws in Slovenia state that any Bitcoin income or mining is still subject to income taxes. However, if, for example, you want to travel somewhere and simultaneously spend some of your BTC, Slovenia is great! It is also beautiful for its nature, cuisine, and places of interest. So, it's up to you!


London has always been considered one of the capitals of technological progress. The capital of England hosts the headquarters of the best, most successful, and most significant companies in the world. Not surprisingly, "London is the capital of Great Britain" has become one of the capitals of cryptocurrency-friendly services. 

London often hosts numerous Bitcoin and crypto meetup groups, conferences, and events to demonstrate the people's mass interest in cryptocurrencies. Thus, the city was the primary host for the second Devcon, Ethereum's most prominent event in 2015. 

London is a global hub for business, technology, arts, culture, and more. In addition, cryptocurrency took place in this list and made people establish 50 Bitcoin ATMs in the center of the capital and approximately the same amount of big and small vendors. They all accept Bitcoin as a payment. 

The BTC ATM in London

In addition, London is a native home for probably the oldest Bitcoin exchange in the United Kingdom, CoinCorner. The original Bitcoin wallet provider also calls the United Kingdom’s capital its home! So do the Ethereum wallet Argent and digital asset custodian Copper. 

However, there are also some crucial warnings to know about. Thus, the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority got severe about cryptocurrencies. Once, they even told the crypto investors to "prepare for their monetary loss." 

London is the cradle of art, innovation, and fresh ideas. Also here you can visit many beautiful sights. If you have this opportunity and have some BTC in your pocket, don't hesitate – London awaits!


Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for any tourist in the world. The capital of the Netherlands is famous not only for its channels, museums, cafes, and restaurants but also for the crypto-friendly community and open-minded attitude to this kind of payment. 

Amsterdam is the capital and one of the leading cities for startups, including BitPlay and BitFury. In addition, it's a place where you can find 74 merchants accepting Bitcoin. Interesting fact: there is one BTC ATM for every 800 000 people. 

The BTC ATM in Amsterdam airport


What's fascinating, you could also visit…the Bitcoin Embassy! Yes, this was an embassy in Amsterdam that actively promoted cryptocurrency and Bitcoin with the help of various channels and means. Unfortunately, our dear friend, named Internet, says the Embassy is closed. 

Also, back in 2015, the Bitcoin Boulevard was opened for those who wanted to buy something with BTC. Merchants there accepted Bitcoin without any issues, and people could easily buy a Bitcoin-coffee cup to admire the beautiful streets of the Netherland's capital.

The positive attitude towards cryptocurrency has made Amsterdam the blooming high-tech city for crypto-enthusiasts and ICO launching. 

What about authorities? The attitude toward crypto in the Netherlands is quite cautious. The Netherlands hasn't yet built clear legislation for crypto control. It means that no law can regulate fraud in this sphere. In the Netherlands, cryptocurrency is not considered electronic money, although its name implies this.

Who knows, maybe there will be a law controlling that part of Amsterdam's life. Still, for now, you can go there and easily use all of the advantages of cryptocurrency payments in an easy way to go to the Bitcoin Embassy or visit any museum (Anne Frank, for example).


The capital of Spain has passed legislation to regulate cryptocurrency usage in business in 2021. For now, cryptocurrency is still not recognized as a legal tender; Madrid and Spain generally make their steps towards daily crypto usage.

Thus, Spanish citizens can now buy gift cards from different brands with crypto. Amazon and Netflix EU departments offered this opportunity to all crypto lovers. Now Spanish residents can pay for the subscription in crypto!

Also, according to recent studies, 64% of Spaniards prefer decentralized currency to the rest of Europe, which is 53%. To speak about transactions, in Spain, Ethereum and Bitcoin make up 60% of all crypto transactions. Of course, it wouldn't be a surprise if we tell you that Madrid accepts cryptocurrency in many public places! 

Madrid BTC ATM sign

So, grab your fans, BTC, and come to Spain to spend your crypto! 


After the massive cryptocurrency ban in China, most businesses, startups, and other companies relocated to Singapore. The choice was made because of the crypto-friendly regulations and opportunities for industry growth. 

BTC ATM in Singapore

Singapore authorities created good terms for crypto business – these conditions are transparent and reliable. People that regulate the crypto field ensure higher certainty and more clear decision-making from companies. There are about 400 blockchain startups that are officially registered in Singapore.  

Interestingly, the Monetary Authority of Singapore has launched the "Guide to Digital Token Offering." This guide explained the country's security law's influence on token offerings. In addition, there is no capital gains tax in Singapore, so companies or individuals don't pay taxes for holding crypto as a long-term investment. 


Monetary Authority of Singapore building

It will be a usual thing to notice in Singapore – to sit in a restaurant and have the opportunity to pay for dinner in crypto or to give a part of BTC for a cup of coffee and dessert. 

To speak true, Singapore has become one of the biggest financial hubs among crypto-capitals. Coinbase and Binance, the two of the largest exchanges, seek a license from the MA of Singapore to operate there. Also, the headquarters of market data firm Nansen, exchange, and DeFi protocol Kyber Network is already here. 

In addition… Your one and only Wisebitcoin also has a headquarter-team in this Singapore crypto-hub. We understand the importance of communication and try to enforce the security of the crypto holdings as much as possible.

To sum up

These cities, among others, provide much more opportunities for modern people who appreciate comfort, speed, and high technology. In them, cryptocurrency is a standard payment method, which no longer surprises anyone.

Already today, you can pay for everything from a hamburger to renting a car using cryptocurrency. This is nothing but a sign that even more incredible changes await us. And even more development in favor of digital.

However, cryptocurrencies are pretty unstable, so you must be careful. That is why many other countries that are not so friendly to cryptocurrencies take a long time to resolve issues on its settlement or use as a payment. But this is a temporary story.

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