Crypto Oracle: Bitcoin price predictions

Vladlena Martus 2022-07-04

Crypto Oracle: Bitcoin price predictions up to 2030

Over the past decade, Bitcoin, like no other, has known all the charms and hardships of the world's most influential cryptocurrency and the asset in general. From its resounding success during the crypto boom of 2017 to another crypto winter in 2022, Bitcoin continues to gain the trust and interest of millions of people.

We decided to look into the future and find the most interesting and exciting crypto predictions for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. 

For example, one of the loudest statements is about the Bitcoin exchange rate from $50,000 to $100,000 for one coin by the end of this year. It is unbelievable because now Bitcoin is trading at around $20,145. However, according to the Deutsche Bank research quarter of Bitcoin investors believe in its rise up to $110,000! Unbelievable, but fact.  

Let's explore together everything that experts and analysts predict for the future of perhaps the world's leading digital asset.

Be careful when using cryptocurrencies. Our material is for informational purposes only and contains data from open sources. You can use the information received as supporting facts in making decisions, but this is by no means an inducement to any action. 

Cryptocurrency is risky, so you must be well prepared before you start trading. You can read the educational information we have designed for beginner traders at this link.


  1. Why do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies volatile so much these days?

  2. Bitcoin price predictions: $100,000 or $10,000?

  3. How can Wisebitcoin sum this information up? 

  4. Where to buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency?

Why do Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies volatile so much these days?

The reason lies in a totality of factors and events that are happening right now. The latest cryptocurrency crash was affected by a moment of de-risking on Wall Street. Many investors are pessimistic about the economy amid rising inflation and a shaky stock market. 

Generally, we can observe how sharply the cryptocurrency market reacts to geopolitical movements. This proves that, nevertheless, at this stage of development, the cryptocurrency is highly dependent on external factors and may be subject to significant volatility due to inflation, hostilities, and economic issues. Some experts denied the highly close connection between political events and cryptomarket. We've mentioned it in this blog.  

NextAdvisor, in partnership with TIME, offers us a curious quote from Edward Moya, the senior market analyst at OANDA:

"Rising borrowing costs, margin requirements, and excessive leveraged speculation have helped fuel selling pressure over the past two weeks. Cryptocurrency will not disappear, and some investors are beginning to believe that further declines may be limited."

However, even if many people still believe in crypto, one cannot deny that Bitcoin and other coins' volatility will only be increasing. That is why all the investors should be careful today when diversifying their assets using cryptocurrency. Despite that, Bitcoin remains an asset with a steady rise in value over the years like no other coin.  

Bitcoin price predictions: $100,000 or $10,000?

Mostly, experts and analysts share the opinion that Bitcoin is, of course, a long-term investment. That is why they are sure the coin will reach $100,000, $200,000, and even $1 million. Many knowledgeable educators suppose it will happen right in the middle of this year, that is now, but we're sure that the timeline will be relatively slower. It will all depend on what will happen in the world and digital reality. 

Many founders of high-tech companies and different angels and investors believe that the Bitcoin trend will increase its value over time. Holders or those planning to invest in Bitcoin need to expect a sustainable rise of BTC in the long-term because the market movement will drive it. They all agree that Bitcoin will become a profitable cryptocurrency for long-term investments, quite volatile and therefore risky for short-term ones. All other altcoins may follow in the same direction.

Like a big financial institution, JPMorgan predicts BTC to be $146,000 in a long-term high. Still, the Bloomberg agency supposes that the leading cryptocurrency may hit the $400,000 if Bitcoin returns to past successes and rates. 

It is interesting that, for example, Robert Breedlove, CEO of the digital marketing and consulting agency Parallax Digital, thinks that the main reason for the BTC rise could be COVID-19. Due to the inflation issues after the COVID-19 pandemic, most people with money will push their value to the Bitcoin and other crypto coins even more. For the TIME and the NextAdvisor magazines, he predicts $12.5 million by 2031. 

The Coin Price Forecast website predicts the BTC $49,065 mark by the end of 2022. It is +5% for the year-to-year rise. The first half of 2023, according to their predictions, will meet BTC with the $53,164 mark, but the end of 2023 – $65,126. 2024 and 2025 will be great for the leading cryptocurrency – it could reach $100,457 and $126,127 accordingly. 

Finder's panel of fintech specialists claims that BTC is expected to reach $65,185 by the end of 2022. After three years, they think Bitcoin will cost $179,280. 

The CoinMarketCap community made a short-term prediction for BTC. They said that Bitcoin would be worth $41,175 on June 30 2022. 

The PricePrediction has almost the exact forecasts for 2022 and a couple of following years. However, they predict that the 2025 year will meet BTC with the $124,520 mark. In addition, they claim that we can expect a $798,474 impact by 2030. 

One more exciting prediction is about Ether outperforming Bitcoin. The thing is that it already happened in 2021. Then, ETH gained 418% compared to 66% for BTC. Analysts predict that ETH will continue to succeed because of the NFT development, where tokens run on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Of course, there are extreme skeptics, like in any global issue. It is impossible to have only optimistic thoughts about Bitcoin forecasts and cryptocurrency in general. Thus, skeptics believe Bitcoin will fall below $10,000 this year. In the future, it could even drop to $9,000 or $8,000! And that will be the end of the crypto success. 

So, the cryptocurrency will have demand due to the developing metaverses, the transition of prominent brands like Nike and Gucci to the NFT, and the sale of digital clothes for tokens. By the way, we recently have written an article about what and where you can buy with crypto. You can search for it on our blog page.

How can Wisebitcoin sum this information up? 

The price of Bitcoin nowadays is extremely difficult to predict. The main reasons lie in the unexpected events and high level of volatility. Since the big drops in May and June, the “prediction game” became even trickier. 

Let us imagine that this year Bitcoin reached $100 000. Will you build your portfolio on crypto or diversify your portfolio? The answer is obvious, in our opinion. We recommend you not exceed 5% of your overall portfolio in cryptocurrency and invest in passive index funds, emergency savings, retirement money, stocks, and fiat. Be focused on diversifying your assets; only then will your long-term or even short-term investment bring you profit and pleasure of trading. 

In addition, remember, if you are new to cryptocurrency trading, it is okay to wait and see how things are going in the market. You can research everything you need before the start, so you can think and decide whether it is convenient for you to put your money into crypto trading or not. 

Also, always remember that Bitcoin price predictions are complex and, sometimes, wrong because analysts use fundamental and technical studies of crypto's past performance, which can't guarantee accurate results.

If you want to start cryptocurrency trading or investing, always focus on your research: look through the latest trends, market news, technical and fundamental analysis, and expert opinion before making any trading decision. 

Where to buy Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency? 

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