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Wisebitcoin App and Exchange Wallet Transfers

Wisebitcoin 2021-08-25

wisebitcoin app and exchange wallet transfers

Yes! You can send funds to friends and family using the Wisebitcoin app or from your exchange wallet! Read on below to learn more.


How to do Fund Transfers and Remittances on Wisebitcoin

You can now send funds to friends and family using the Wisebitcoin app or from your exchange wallet! Both Android and iOS apps are available for download, and both come with the same sleek, intuitive, and user-friendly interfaces that have made Wisebitcoin a favorite amongst cryptocurrency traders.

In addition to app transfers, you can also send funds to others directly from your exchange wallet.

Simply log into your account, add your recipient’s address (making sure you have the correct address for the correct token) and choose the amount you wish to send. The amount you send will be deducted from your account balance along with any applicable fees, and your recipient will receive the funds as soon as the transaction is confirmed by the network.

You can connect your exchange account with mobile app accounts by logging into the app using your exchange credentials and you’ll be able to see your account balances, transaction history, and profile details.


Improving Crypto Trade and Exchange

Fast, functional, and cost-effective fund transfers and remittances are an important part of developing the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem. Much has been written about the potential of blockchain and distributed ledger technology (DLT) to replace slow, ineffective, and costly transfers and remittances using traditional financial solutions. However, unless performant, cost-effective, and easy-to-use solutions are developed that can bring in waves of new users to the crypto fold, it will be difficult to reach the critical mass required for crypto- and blockchain-based solutions and applications to start gaining mainstream adoption.

Effective exchange services, secure wallet transfers, and the seamless use of user funds are all required before this can happen, and Wisebitcoin makes it easy to send and receive tokens and funds on mobile devices and to send and receive funds from friends and family. Once people realize the benefits of crypto trade and exchange - and how easy it is to do it using services such as those provided by Wisebitcoin - then there is little reason to continue using the slow and costly services of traditional banks, exchanges, and remittance services.


The Wisebitcoin Trading Experience

With Wisebitcoin, cryptocurrency trading just got faster and easier. Wisebitcoin is optimized for fast and secure cryptocurrency trading, and the platform’s one-click trading features facilitate quick and hassle-free trades for both web and mobile.

As a cloud-based cryptocurrency exchange, Wisebitcoin is part of a network of 280 exchanges that provide unmatched liquidity and a stable and secure trading environment for traders in volatile crypto markets.

Wisebitcoin’s user-friendly platform is designed to accommodate worldwide crypto traders, from novice to experienced traders, and offers spot and futures trading as well as X100 leveraged ETF trading. Many popular trading pairs for the world’s favorite cryptocurrencies as well as deep liquidity, secure funds storage, high transaction speeds, and prompt customer service are also standard offerings from the Wisebitcoin team.

Learn more about fund transfers and remittances by visiting our support and FAQs pages, or visit Wisebitcoin to register an account and start your trading journey!