Wisebitcoin's Affiliate Program

Wisebitcoin 2021-03-11

wisebitcoin affiliate program

Wisebitcoin is offering an affiliate program that falls in line with the rest of its unparalleled features. The ability to take 100X leverage on contract trading and its around-the-clock support team already make it a favorite among professional traders. Now, users who are thrilled with their trading experience can participate in Wisebitcoin’s own affiliate program and promote the exchange. All while earning a hefty profit.


What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate programs are a common practice among cryptocurrency exchanges. They’re a way to compensate partners like you for introducing someone to the exchange’s services. This kind of advertising is convenient because it attracts new users and ultimately improves the exchange’s liquidity.

What’s even more important is that as an affiliate you get paid for every new person that comes to the platform via one of your referrals. It’s a win-win situation. All you have to do is help promote the exchange to earn a commission.


How does Wisebitcoin’s Affiliate Program Work?

First of all, anyone can sign up as an affiliate on Wisebitcoin. It’s as simple as filling out a registration form. Once registered, you can be part of Wisebitcoin’s revenue sharing program and take advantage of a wide array of tools. These include support for website management, commission management, advertisement, and CRM. Wisebitcoin even offers support for affiliates who wish to open their own branch office or deploy white label solutions depending on their level of success.


Why is Wisebitcoin’s Affiliate Program Better?

Affiliates of Wisebitcoin can earn some of the most competitive commissions offered in the industry. The exchange offers a 30 percent standard commission and a $2.1 affiliate commission for both maker and taker trades. A noticeable difference in potential profits when compared to other programs.


Standard Commission %

Affiliate Commission

Trade Type




Make and Taker




Make and Taker




Make and Taker




Taker Commissions Only




Maker and Taker




Taker Commissions Only




Taker Commissions Only


Wisebitcoin’s affiliate program is also offering a sign-up promotion that upgrades new users to a VIP Partner level automatically. This means that they will receive 30% revenues regardless of the volume they bring.

Altogether, signing up for the Affiliate Program on Wisebitcoin is an unmatched opportunity to make the most of your online clout in the current bull run.