System trading execute(EA)

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The following sequence enables you to run Auto-trade OR System trading (EA) and test your strategy.


Setting system trading. Click `options` at the tools menu.

When option window appeared, choose ‘Expert Advisors’ tab and click `Allow Auto Trading` after that click `DLL imports`.


System trading strategy basically composed of 8 EA included as a sample of MT5. Open navigator at the view menu.

When navigator window open, click `Expert Advisors` - ‘Examples’ – ‘MACD’. Select MACDsample Click > ‘Attach to a chart`

When the chart enclosed, you can see the window as below. If you completed the setup at the option window, you can see `Allow Automated Trading` already ticked. If you think every menu is ticked \correctly press confirm.


Setting are now completed. To start system trading, you need to do the final step. You will be able to see AutoTrading with at the toolbar. It is means not active yet.

You should press AutoTrading button when you start EA.


If you want to delete on chart, click the right button of the mouse then you can see ‘Expert List’ Press ‘Remove’ button for deleting EA program from you chart.


EA Addition: When you double-click ‘more’ on the Navigator, the Code base at the on the toolbox appears. You can choose and download it by double click or right click – Download.


You can see your downloads file on you Navigator. You can apply this EA program right away.