The toolbar menu provided by MT5 appears as an image. The standard tool, the Line Studies, and the Time Frames will be divided into three functions, the image section at the top is “the Standard tool”, and the bottom left is “the Line Studies”, at the bottom is “The Time Frames”


Click on the image displayed below to change the chart interval.

Open / Close new page
Users can see all currency pairs in MT5 and one on a pair, a graph will be opened. File menu-new Chart or Auto scroll-New Chart. Or Right click on a currency pair- New chart.
Store / delete a screen View.
User can save the kind of Chart and time es and this formation can be applied to other chart. Charts menu- Screen
List of symbols.
MetaQuotes Language Editor.
Shortcut, < F4 >
Auto Trading
Allow / or prohibit Auto Trading.
Shortcut,< Ctrl+E >
New Order
It opens new order window
Double click on the currency prices window or right click on a chart. Shortcut < F9 >
Shows Bar chart
Charts- bar
Select Candle chart if you like see Candle chart.
Line chart
Enlarge chart size.
Charts menu-Zoom out or right click-Zoom out or keyboard < + >
Reduce Chart size.
Charts menu-Zoom-in or right click-Zoom in or keyboard < - >
Arrange Window as non overlapping tiles,
Shortcut < Alt+R >
Charts auto alignment.
While on this icon press and current screen shows a chart, when new data come in, the charts will move to left side automatically to show new data
Setting space on the right side of the chart
Charts menu > Chart move.

Line Studies

Click on the image displayed below to change the chart interval.

Select cursor.
If you select a cursor, you can use all trading functions inside the chart except for the trend lines.
Select cross.
If you select a cross, you can see the prices of the cross position User can see date / time at the lower part of the vertical line.
Insert vertical line on the chart
Insert horizontal line on the chart.
Line chart
Horizontal / vertical diagonal line can be inserted and adjust slope.
Draw equidistant channel
Equidistant Channel represents two parallel trendlines connecting extreme maximum and minimum close prices.
Insert Fibonacci retrenchment on the chart.
Insert text line on the chart.
It shows all insertable symbols.
You can insert thumb / arrow / stop / check.

Time Frames

Click on the image displayed below to change the chart interval.

You can change chart intervals by selecting the periods: M1 (1 min), M5 (5 min), M15 (15 min), M30 (30 min), H1 (1hour), H4 (4 hours), D1 (1 day), W1(1week), MN(1month).