Strategy test

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Run a strategy test on the view as follows.

The ‘Strategy Tester’ window will open as follows

Menu description is as follows

  • 01. Expert or Indicator : Choose what kind of test you will use
  • 02. Currency : Choose currency pair to test.
  • 03. Period : Choose a time period to test(M1 ~ Monthly)
  • 04. Date : Choose a date to test
  • 05. Forward : Choose a date by period
  • 06. Execution : Choose your test execution speed
  • 07. Deposit : Choose your deposit and leverage
  • 08. Visualization : Test shows a screen like real market Button
  • 09. Optimization : Testing of the EA on history data with different sets of parameters, aimed at finding their best combination. During multiple runs, different combinations of the input parameters of the EA are tried and the best ones are selected. Note that an EA must have some input parameters that can be optimized like take profit, trailing or technical parameters like period etc.
  • 10. Testing progress : Show the progress of test

When you press the start button, the test starts as follows.

When the test finished, you can receive the result of strategy test and the data of graph.