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The main features of the MT5 are conveniently executed using the following shortcut. Each of the indicators is also available by designate a shortcut on the ‘Navigator’.

Chart move to the left Execute chart control screen
Chart move to the right or delete cancel
Chart move to the left fast Initialize all indicators screen height.
Chart move to the right fast Open trend lines lists
Move chart to the initial position (right) Expert Advisor activate / inactivate
move chart to the end (left) Execute Cross line
Zoom out Chart View Grid
Zoom in Chart View Initial / High / Low / End prices
Delete index added just before. Open indicators window
Execute user’s manual Chart Print
Execute Records Store Chart in the form of "CSV", "PRN", "HTM"
Meta Editor Start or Close chart
Execute chart properties window. View time frame line
Open new order window Open data window
Execute POP-up currency window. Open currency prices window
Chart full screen Open navigator
Move chart to the left slowly Execute option
Move chart to the right slowly Open strategy tester window
Bar Chart Open Toolbox window
Candle chart Pass to the next chart
Line chart Move to ‘Toolbox’ – ‘Trade’ tab