It shows the currently connected server.
Enable proxy server
save account details (number, main and investor passwords) onto a hard disk after an account is created. During the next terminal start these data will be used for the automatic connection. If this option is disabled, one has to enter these details manually each time starting the terminal. This option affects only the current account specified in the "Login" field
Keep personal setting and data at start up
Log in ID and password stored in MT5 and when you restart or just before close the program, chart, trend lines and index will be stored.
Enable news
News receive YES / NO, Regarding Server / proxy server setting, I recommend to use basic option provided by MT5. Wrong option setting could make severe error.
News Languages
this option allows filtering news according to their language. A window of news language selection is opened upon clicking "Change". If "Any language“ is selected in this field, all news independent of the language will be received.