Market Watch

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The “Market Watch” provides market information for all currency pairs provided by the MT5. The “Market Watch” can be opened and closed using the ' View Menu – Market Watch‘, shortcut, or the buttons on the main toolbar. The “Current Price” shows "Ask" price to close out existing long positions. "Bid" price is for closing out existing short positions. Right click on the screen and a screen will appear as shown in the following picture.

New order
Open the window to create a new order in the selected symbol. The same window can be opened by pressing the F9 key.
Chart Window
Open the chart window of the selected symbol.
Tick Chart
Switch to the "Ticks" tab of the selected symbol. The tick chart can also be opened by pressing the "Space" or "Tab" key.
Depth of Market
Open the "Depth of Market" window of a selected symbol.
Open the window of symbol specification.
Popup Prices
Open the window of the same name.
Delete (hide) the symbol from the list. To minimize the traffic, it is recommended to hide unused securities from the quote window by this command or by pressing on the Delete button.
Hide All
Hide all symbols displayed in the "Market Watch" window.
Show All
Show all securities available on the trade server.
Call the window where all available symbols can be managed.
Open the menu for working with symbol sets.
Auto arrange
If this option is enabled, the size of columns will be set automatically.
Show / hide grid to separate the table fields.
A menu for the selection of columns displayed in the "Symbols" tab.