Chart Color Print
if the printer allows it, all charts will be printed in color. Save Deleted Charts to Reopen- terminal allows to restore charts deleted from the work space.
Show Trade Levels
if this option is enabled, price levels at which a position has been opened or a pending order has been placed, as well as Stop Loss and Take Profit levels are shown in the chart.
Select Objects by Single Mouse Click
graphical objects in the terminal can be selected by single or double clicking of the left mouse button.
Precise Time Scale
if this option is disabled, the binding of objects along the horizontal scale of a chart is performed only by bars.
Select Object after Creation
This option allows doing that automatically right after placing an object on a chart.
Magnet Sensitivity
the terminal allows to "magnet" (anchor) checkpoints (except for the central moving points) of graphical objects to different bar prices to locate them more precisely.
Max Bars in Chart
bars stored in history and those shown in charts differ from each other. This difference is determined by the fact that any amount of bars can be kept in the hard disk provided that it has enough space. But the amount of bars shown in the chart is limited by the computer resources.