Visual Testing

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In the Strategy Tester of the trading platform, you can test Expert Advisors and indicators in the visual mode. This mode allows to visualize exactly how the Expert Advisor performs trade operations during backtesting. Each trade is displayed on the chart of a financial symbol.

  • Visual testing is unavailable when optimization is enabled.
  • Visual testing can only be performed on local agents. If a remote agent is selected for testing, choose a local one using the " Select" command in its context menu.


Set up testing options and configuration parameters, then click "Start".

Visual testing runs in a new window, which simulates a separate trading platform: it contains charts, Market Watch and the Toolbox window where you can view trading operations and the Journal.

Testing process control

To pause, speed up or slow down the testing, use the toolbar. You can also jump to a specific date of the test. You can conveniently control the testing process via hot keys, combinations are listed next to the menu commands.

Monitoring Expert Advisor testing on a chart

The main purpose of this type of testing is the visual analysis of the Expert Advisor performance. A chart is generated in real time based on emulated historic price data. Trading robot operations are displayed on this chart.

  • You can change the appearance of a chart, show indicators or graphical objects on it using templates. For a template to be applied, its name must match the name of the tested Expert Advisor, for example ExpertMACD.tpl. The template should be placed in folder /profiles/templates of the trading platform.
  • A list of symbols available in the chart mode is limited to the main testing symbol, as well as the symbols whose data are used by the Expert Advisor.
  • The chart timeframe cannot be changed. The period selected in the settings is used for the main testing chart. Periods requested by the Expert Advisor are used for other symbols
  • To switch between symbols, use the "View — Charts" menu.


The Symbols tab features the current price information of financial instruments. The list of displayed symbols is limited to the main testing symbol, as well as the symbols whose data are used by the Expert Advisor. The Ticks tab contains a chart of prices generated during testing. The number of displayed ticks is limited

Viewing details of bars and indicator values in the Data Window

The data window displays information about the prices (OHLC), date and time of a bar, spread, volume and indicators. Here you can quickly find information about a particular bar and applied indicators at a selected point of the chart. The window can be enabled or disabled by clicking "Data Window" in the View menu or pressing Ctrl+D.