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Before you start testing, select the financial instrument to test the trading robot operation on, the period and the mode.

  • Note that symbol specification does not mean that the tester will use only these history data. The tester automatically downloads information on all the symbols used in the Expert Advisor.
  • Before the start of testing/optimization, all the available price data of the symbol of the main chart are automatically downloaded from the server. It may take quite a long time if the internet connection is slow
  • Downloading of all data is performed once, only the missing information is downloaded during the next starts.
  • Only the symbols that are currently selected in the Market Watch are available for testing/optimization.
  • The price data of all necessary symbols are automatically downloaded from the server during testing and optimization.
  • Testing starts and ends at 00hr.00m.00s. of the specified dates. Thus the start date of testing/optimization is included in the testing period, while the end date is not included. Testing ends on the ast tick of the previous date. Also you cannot specify the end date, which is greater than the current one. In such case, the testing anyway will be performed to the current date (not including it).

Selection of Input Parameters

Input parameters allow you to control the behavior of the Expert Advisor, adapting it to different market conditions and a specific financial instrument.
For example, you can explore the Expert Advisor performance with different Stop Loss and Take Profit values,
different periods of the moving average used for market analysis and decision-making, etc. Specify a value for each input parameter.

Parameter sets. You can at any time return to the current settings of your MQL5 program by saving a set of its parameters using a context menu :

  • To save the parameters as a set-file on your computer, click "Save". These files can be moved between platforms on different computers or sent to other users.
  • To save parameters for future use in the current platform, click "Save Version". These saved presets will be available then in the "Load Version" sub-menu. They can be applied at any time by selecting an appropriate version from the list.