Wisebitcoin New Service Launch


We are excited to announce the new services here at Wisebitcoin.  This time, we are a cloud-based service partnering with over 280 Crypto exchanges worldwide.  With the vast liquidity backed by the partnership, Wisebitcoin can now provide you with the leverage up to 100:1 for physical and futures coin contracts.

 · Products
Spot: Over 50 names including BTC, USDT, and ETH
Futures: USDT-SWAP and COIN-SWAP Perpetual Contracts
 · Why Wisebitcoin

  1. Offers highest commissions for Affiliates compare with other exchanges
  2. Instant cloud based transactions using the liquidity provided by the 280 Crypto exchanges worldwide
  3. Up to 100:1 Leverage
  4. USDT Withdrawal Promotions
  5. 24/7 Customer Service (multiple language support)

* Affiliate Promotion  (See our homepage for more information)

  1. Automatic Upgrade to VIP Partner Level for any new Affiliates.
  2. Double Commission Bonus during the Promotion (Up to 500USDT)

* Wisebitcoin Affiliate VS Competitors
- Commissions illustrated based on 40K USDT transaction for BTC/USDT (Maker 20,000USDT, Taker 20,000USDT)

Exchanges Affiliate Commissions in USDT Trade Type
Wisebitcoin Standard 7.0USDT VIP 8.4USDT Maker and Taker
Bybit 3.0USDT Taker Commissions Only
Binance 2.4USDT Maker and Taker
BitMEX 1.5USDT Taker Commissions Only

* Signup Promotion (See our homepage for more information)

  1. First 100 Users get 100USDT if the commissions generated during 100USDT. (10USDT bonus awarded to any user if the commissions generated exceeds 10USDT)

  2. Launch Special Social Media Campaign
    - 100USDT Awarded to any Social Media Shoutouts Showing up on the first page on Google search for “Wisebitcoin”.
    - 50USDT Awarded to any Social Media Shoutouts Showing up on the second page on Google search for “Wisebitcoin”.