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What is Wisebitcoin?

What is Wisebitcoin?

Wisebitcoin provides the trading/exchange platform for Cryptocurrency products. Our user-friendly platform allows the traders to take advantage of the global blockchain market’s rapid growth.

Traditional Crypto Exchange VS Wisebitcoin

The key difference from traditional exchanges: at Wisebitcoin, you can place long and short positions with leverage up to 100:1 depending on the cryptocurrency. Combined with scalability and potential growth offered by Wisebitcoin, we are proud to be providing the crypto traders with richer liquidity pool and highest quality of services.

Traditional Crypto Exchanges Wisebitcoin
Order Types Only Buy to Open Both Buy and Sell to Open (Futures Contracts)
Leverage 1:1 1:1~100:1 (Optional)
Deposit/Withdrawal Crypto e-Wallet/Credit Card/Crypto (Various payment systems)
Currencies Each exchange is bound by their own coin offerings. Cloud exchange anchors most popular coins from the crypto exchanges around the world.
Platform Low expansion at trading platform Intuitive and scalable multi-platform